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London: pack and go!!!

Just imagine: you have been invited to London Fashion Week.  So, London: pack and go!!! Dreams are coming true! Now you have to decide what are you going to rock there, you have to stand out but feel comfortable! If it was me, I would definitely go for flared high waist pants, crop sweater, faux fur jacket, ankle boots and one of my dream bags – Ralph Lauren Ricky small suede bucket bag.

Dreaming is good, right? Dreams do come true! So, imagine and never stop dreaming!

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Perfect outfit

How strange it is to be obsessed with something that much so you can think about it almost every single day and yet I am. It’s been my dream to go to Paris since …..well, since I remember myself. Walking down those narrow Parisian streets, drinking coffee in a small coffee shop somewhere near Eifel tower, discovering hidden vintage stores, smelling fresh baguettes and croissants in the morning…..I even have dreams about Paris. I’ve imagined for probably hundreds of times how I will get out of the airport and head to one of the boutique hotels..imagined….imagined…imagined…. And I even was dreaming about outfits I would love to wear in Paris (love Polyvore for giving the opportunity to visualise them). The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Paris is Chanel….those elegant T-strap heels, classic Chanel purse and plus effortlessly chic, romantic, extremely feminine dress (like that one from Balenciaga) would make a perfect outfit for me!!!!


Plans for autumn

 So keep talking about the inevitable coming of autumn…I really want to change my approach to fall’s wardrobe. I have so many things in my mind, so we will see if I can really manage to do it. 
I want a cape for a long enough, so this year I decided to go to tailor and get it made. Why not to buy? Simply because I didn’t see anything I like in affordable price. And I already can think about so many outfits to complete with a cape, first which comes into  my mind is casual lady-like: flared jeans, ankle boots and some cute sweater.

2. Bright coat
Definitely a must-have for autumn season. Actually it seems to me that a bright piece of clothing in dull autumn weather can simply make you day, so a yellow-sh/mustard coat can absolutely make us happier:) I fell in love with this Topshop coat, love at first sight as they say. And sweatshirt+boyfriend jeans+comfy shoes is a great outfit for grey autumns.

3. Be a lady
Somehow autumn seasons to me means staying comfy/jeans/leggings/oversized sweaters looks. And this is the thing I want to change this year. So this is how I imagine my future lady-like look: leather skirt, feminine blouse, ankle boots and belted tweed jacket.

4. Wedge booties
I admit that I’m not a real fan of high heels, but wedges is my true love. I feel more stable (if I can say it) wearing wedges. That is why this season I’m looking for my perfect pair of wedge booties.


Strappy autumn!

We still have around one month till the real autumn comes to Shanghai. So I try to enjoy every moment of perfect weather, but planning my autumn closet in advance. Getting ready for autumn includes getting rid of everything that I didn’t wear for the last two seasons, going to tailors and customising clothes I want to change and of course shopping! This season I need some serious shoe shopping. Currently I’m really obsessed with straps: T-straps, ankle straps …..any straps. Now the most difficult part: what to choose??? 





   I am a visual-ist, I like to imagine, I like to dream and I like to be inspired by people, things, events, history. Lately it’s been about retro looks, side braids, bows, midi skirts, feminine looks…..and just simply about being in charge of our own lives, being it’s queens and kings. How simple is it, right?
All photos are courtesy polyvore.com