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B-A-N-A-N-A-S or why Rachel Zoe is my major inspiration

She loves maxi, sequins, high heels, bold accessories and vintage. And frankly speaking no one wears bohemian style like Rachel Zoe and ,definitely, no one owns as many vintage accessories as Rachel. Her each and every look worth examining it with magnifying glass. No matter if it is a red carpet event or work day, Rachel always looks MAJ!!! I leraned from Rachel that we shouldn’t be afraid to follow our desires and likes and if you like prints, you should wear them. if you prefer maxi over mini, then go for it! I already wrote about Rachel  HERE. Take a look. Anyway, my dears, get inspired and don’t forget “Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good” Rachel Zoe

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Style inspiration…Rachel Zoe

Loving wife and mother, business lady, successful and world famous stylist, great designer…
I found out about Rachel after 2010 Oscar’s when she was styling  Demi Moore. Since then I’ve been following Rachel’s career, creation of her own brand, styling job and her amazing sense of fashion. I love the vintage vibe that presents in every Rachel’s outfit. She is probably the only person in the world who can wear faux fur and look nice in it:) Rachel has a dream collection of jewelry and she always finds the perfect vintage items in shops all over the world. Rachel is determined and, let’s face it, she can be a bi**h, but you can’t be soft when you want to be successful. I enjoyed watching Rachel’s show, it’s a great insider’s view on styling business.

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My favorite jewelry designers

   My most favourite, inspirational and influential jewelry designers. Lately I fell in love with Rachel Zoe’s designs, I love her style and now she designs amazing pieces of jewellery. Can’t wait to buy those Onyx Tassel Earrings.

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