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Girl of the month. Paola Mathe

It is more than exciting to find a really unique and trend-less blogger and Paola Mathe is for sure one of those few. She is a person behind Fanm Djamn – a brand creating headwraps to empower women all over the world.  Haitian native, Paola is now residing in New York and living her dream: sharing the colours with the world. As Paola said: “Yeah, I feel naked without color — I use it to express myself.” Paola’s outfits are beyond colourful and found a lot of fans among fashionistas all over the world. So, dear Paola, please don’t change and keep on inspiring women to be true to themselves.

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I want

It is totally time for January’s wants and desires. Though my 2017 will be less about talks and more about actions, it is never a bad time to dream:) Dream and let your dreams come true! January inspiration will be all about challenges, travels and colour preferences

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Shanghai shopping scene

Not so long ago I’ve written a little Shanghai shopping guide for an awesome web-site https://www.stay.com/ (which I highly recommend by the way). I can call myself a shopping expert in Shanghai and I am more than excited to share my favorite fashion spots with you . Shopping scene in Shanghai is like one huge organism which is always evolving and changing. It is instantly interacting with an outside environment and has its cycles and phases.  You can live here for years and you won’t be familiar with the fashion scene. The full Shanghai guide is available HERE

In this post I will start to introduce one of my favorite places for shopping – it is a whole street with dozens of unique and diverse boutiques … Nanchang rd. It is very hard to choose one particular spot as the street is full of gems!!! If you are in Shanghai, find some time to walk this street from one side to another if not for shopping, then just for inspiration! No one canceled window shopping!!! So, my dears, read the guide, come to Shanghai to shop!


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