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Shanghai shopping scene

Not so long ago I’ve written a little Shanghai shopping guide for an awesome web-site https://www.stay.com/ (which I highly recommend by the way). I can call myself a shopping expert in Shanghai and I am more than excited to share my favorite fashion spots with you . Shopping scene in Shanghai is like one huge organism which is always evolving and changing. It is instantly interacting with an outside environment and has its cycles and phases.  You can live here for years and you won’t be familiar with the fashion scene. The full Shanghai guide is available HERE

In this post I will start to introduce one of my favorite places for shopping – it is a whole street with dozens of unique and diverse boutiques … Nanchang rd. It is very hard to choose one particular spot as the street is full of gems!!! If you are in Shanghai, find some time to walk this street from one side to another if not for shopping, then just for inspiration! No one canceled window shopping!!! So, my dears, read the guide, come to Shanghai to shop!


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   This week I had an honor to become a small part of MARY CHING, a luxury shoe and accessories brand. I had a great opportunity to meet Alsion Mary Ching Yeung,she is a genius, who is standing behind the whole idea. Except of being such a talented person, Alison is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. MARY CHING shop in Shanghai is situated in Ferguson lane, boutique 106. And this place has the craziest design ever! Would you imagine a luxury brand boutique on a fire exit stairs?!?!?!!
   One of the highlights of the evening was Alison’s cute dog Mr. Dimsum:) who was always trying to get our attention!
   Stunning heels, amazing cashmere and leather slippers, ballerinas, travel sets and pashminas… I fell in love with everything. Fabulous design and great quality!
   So if you are in Shanghai, visit Ferguson lane, it is on Wukang road 376, boutique 106

1 day 2 looks!

   What a busy Sunday I had. But “busy” in the best sense of this word! Amazing brunch with my friend, shopping and visiting newly reopened “Lolo love vintage” and then a little bit of work. For the brunch I was wearing my new dress from a small store and Aldo wedges and for the looooong shopping I chose the most comfortable look ever: denim jumpsuit, Zara flats and Aldo shoulder bag and my favorite mirror sunnies which you already saw IN THIS POST.

Wish you an amazing week!

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   It is always amazing to meet enthusiastic people, especially I get excited meeting FASHION enthusiasts!!! It was such a pleasure to spend time with Tamara Agusta, probably one of the most positive and dedicated person I’ve ever known. She came up with the idea of bringing Italian designers to Shanghai! And I even can’t describe how thrilled I am because of this fact. Her project MIXR will officially start as on-line store this fall. Not so long ago I visited her show room and now want to share those pictures with you. What do you say?


   Yea!!! Another vintage store is opened in Shanghai. Though it is city with population more than 25 million people, vintage places can be counted by fingers of one hand (what a pity). So I’m always very excited to find another vintage oasis. So the new amazing “Emporium” was found thanks to chinafashionbloggers.com! A hidden paradise for vintage lovers. If you are in Shanghai,go to Huaihai Rd. 526.