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Something new!

   I admit, shopping does make me feel better…and happier!:) Especially when it comes to shopbop.com. It never brings me down. Though I never buy it with delivery to China because of crazy tax, I ask my friends when they go to US. So my latest purchases are from Marc by Marc Jacobs: tote with lovely print and mouse espadrilles. And now I’m so in love with them and dreaming about spring and how I will wear them:)
   Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies!!!

Photo of the day. My perfect wedges for summer!

   What I love about shoes…and clothes..and bags..and everything …is when price, look and quality are in a perfect proportion. All these qualities I found in Singaporean brand Charles&Keith. I have a lot of great finds from there. These wedges are my last purchase from Charles&Keith and they definitely will be my number one wedges for this summer. 
Hope you are all doing great!!! Hugs and kisses from Shanghai!!

Dilemma…fakes and shopping

Ok, so there is a question: how do you choose an outfit you are going to wear? For me that can be a question for…even… hours!!!
I have a lot of clothes…a lot of crap (I’m sorry, God, for saying that about Clothes!!). But this is a problem here, in China. Every time I see affordable and nice clothes, I thin it’s going to be a sin not to buy them. That is how I have 24 sweaters and 22 pairs of jeans. I don’t even wanna talk about shirts, T-shirts and blouses. Why not to buy 5 pairs of jeans,but the good ones?!?!? I just can’t resist it…
There is another dilemma called Taobao. All Chinese and almost all foreigners in China know this magic word. Taobao.com is a web-site where you can buy everything, literally EVERYTHING!!!
And fakes, fakes, fakes…a lot of fakes. I can understand people who are making all that,but who are willing to buy that?????????
Can you recognize these???