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I want

We  were waiting for it for so long time! And at last it’s here…SPRING!!! Admit, those first bright and warm spring days are just amazing! We feel happier, more inspired, more energetic! We want to create and make beautiful things!!!!! And this month I want:

PicMonkey Collageggg

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Spring colour combination

Lalala!!! Spring is here!!! And the weather has been just fabulous here in Shanghai! Aaaand, as it was expected, I have so much inspiration. I want to create, I want to cook, I want to write and I want more colours. I grew up learning that the colour of your bag should match your shoes, you can’t wear more than two colours in one outfit. And I guess this is the main reason I fell in love with bright colours when I grew up.  What are your favourite colour combinations?

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Pastel spring

I know it might sound too cheesy but….ooo God..I’m desperately waiting for spring! The time when everything and everyone wakes up after winter hibernation and starts Living. This year totally getting ready for COMFY spring: jeans, pastel tops,  flats, shoulder bags, classy shades and delicate jewellery. I like to feel comfortable and be myself!!! To me spring is the season of pastels and this is how my perfect spring outfit looks like!!!