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I want…

I desperately need  a vacation. I know, I know…I might write this phrase in every “I want” post, but it is so true!!!! So…it’s time for my “I want” post

PicMonkey Collage090909

1. I want…..

no, I even dream about renting a small house at the beach somewhere in Asia for about a month and escape from the everyday life! And just do nothing, wake up in the morning with a thought that you don’t have to run anywhere, you are not late, you can just enjoy…

PicMonkey Collage10


…and continuing the topic about beaches

2. I want …

a bonfire at the beach. I’ve never had one. You know, like they show in the movies: with guitar, a lot of beer, interesting stories and a bunch of great friends.

PicMonkey Collage11


3. I want…

to go to English countryside, have been dreaming about it from high school…seems like a perfect place to grow old:) like one of those: and they lives happily ever after…

PicMonkey Collage9


4. I want…

to try boho style. Just want to feel like a free spirit:)

PicMonkey Collage6


5. I want…

to eat less cakes, chocolate, cookies, SUGAR. It doesn’t do any good, but so addictive!!!…and so unfairly DELICIOUS!

PicMonkey Collage8


6. I want…

to rock all blue look. Nothing can be prettier than deep blue colour!

PicMonkey Collage5


As lately I’ve been really into healthy eating and discovered the true power of smoothies, so now, every single day…

7. I want..

a new smoothie

PicMonkey Collage2


8. I want…

fringe. Last year I bought a suede leather bag with fringe and fell in love with it. Fringe looks so playful….now thinking about jacket!PicMonkey Collage3

9. I want….

LWD for summer. I must admit, I don’t really like white or should I say I just hate to take care of white things, but little white dress IS GOING to be in my closet this summer….even if for a little bit…..till it gets yellow-ish/grey-ish

PicMonkey Collage4

10. I want…

flowers. I don’t know what happened to me, but lately I loooove to surround myself with flowers. Or it’s the age, or I just became more aesthetically conscious…

PicMonkey Collage1


11. I want to create perfect “denim on denim” look

PicMonkey Collage7

All photos from super inspirational pinterest.com

2013 in travels!

What a wonderful year it was! I started 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, which was a very spontaneous but definitely one of the best ways to celebrate it. How great it is to celebrate New Year in one of your favourite cities in the world  with temperature more than 20 degrees above zero and with nice people.


I continued my travelling adventures in Cambodia in April. And without any doubt that trip was amazing. Seeing Angkor Wat was an incredible experience. So I highly recommend it!


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Then during my August holidays I visited Lviv and Istanbul. Great cities with a very special atmosphere. Feel like I definitely could live in Istanbul!





I had a wonderful summer. And I was definitely very lucky not being in Shanghai in August as it was almost 40 degrees!!!

My next travelling adventure was in November and it was the most anticipated trip as it was my best friend’s wedding. It was held in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen: Thailand, Krabi island. Valentina’s wedding, without any doubts,  was THE dream wedding!! These photos are taken by our amazing friend Taras Kovalchyk who stayed with us during those 7 perfect days and made the photo diary.

DSC_9544 copy TAR_1359 TAR_2286 TAR_2320 TAR_2403


Tomorrow is actually the last day of 2013, it’s hard to believe it! Time flies so fast! 2013 was a great year but I hope 2014 will be even better. Did you already think about resolutions?

Love you all and see yall in 2014!!!!!


My decision to visit Istanbul this year was definitely right. After one amazing week in this great city.  I realised that I would like to come back there again and again. I fell in love with Istanbul and Turkey,with it’s people and food. We decided to stay in Dila Suites (one of the cutest hotels I’ve ever been to) just right next to Taksim square. Istanbul is an amazing city with a very special atmosphere. There are so many great places, so it’s hard to advise something. To me Istanbul is a city of hidden coffee shops, small boutiques, delicious food, Europe and Asia in one city, cute cats near almost every shop, amazing historical places… If you ever have an opportunity to go to Istanbul, just take a map, trust your intuition and explore this city:)

Lviv photo diary

 Admit, it’s amazing to have holidays! Especially if I’ve been planning my trip for almost half a year. Istanbul and Kiev are waiting for me next week but so far I’m enjoying Lviv. I should say this is the most beautiful city in Ukraine. So I try to enjoy it’s every corner, every building. Sometimes I have to stop near every building and take dozens of photos. Lviv is truly magnificent city!!!!


Amazing Cambodia

And again, I feel myself guilty for disappearing for such a long time. But this time it is not just because of my laziness,   I actually have a good reason…..I was super busy exploring temples around Siem Reap in Cambodia. If this name doesn’t say anything to you, I bet you definitely know Angkor Wat. No words can describe the emotions when I saw it….indescribable… Here is a photo diary of my first day in Cambodia…more is coming soon:)