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Trends obsession…

Seriously, I don’t understand, why on the Earth, people want to look the same. And…they don’t just want, they desire it!!
This season stripes, black n white geometrical prints, cropped tops, metallics, collage prints and patterns, Asian motives and knuckle rings, mirror sunnies are everywhere:(
My rule is: Trends are too mainstream, they are too boring. Even if I like something what is trending, I usually wear it when this trend is out of sight, so then everything looks kind of fresh and just stylish.
I admire people who found their own style and express themselves through clothes they wear, but not just to show the brands or trends they are wearing.
Sometimes it is really annoying when I find it impossible to to buy something what is not trending in mass market fashion stores. I still remember that couple of years ago, when the military style was booming, it was kind of hard to find a jacket which was not military.

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