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If, by any chance, you are in Istanbul and you are somewhere near city centre…and what is more…you want a good coffee, than “Kronotrop” is the place you are looking for. Situated just couple of minutes away from the main street Istiklal, this tiny coffee shop is really easy to find. I should admit there I tried the best coffee in Istanbul. I try to avoid big sharks like “Starbucks” or “Coffee Bean”, but instead I search for something more interesting:) Just go to YenicarsI caddesi No. 5/b | Beyoğlu and you will find out everything by yourself.



My decision to visit Istanbul this year was definitely right. After one amazing week in this great city.  I realised that I would like to come back there again and again. I fell in love with Istanbul and Turkey,with it’s people and food. We decided to stay in Dila Suites (one of the cutest hotels I’ve ever been to) just right next to Taksim square. Istanbul is an amazing city with a very special atmosphere. There are so many great places, so it’s hard to advise something. To me Istanbul is a city of hidden coffee shops, small boutiques, delicious food, Europe and Asia in one city, cute cats near almost every shop, amazing historical places… If you ever have an opportunity to go to Istanbul, just take a map, trust your intuition and explore this city:)