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Top 5 winter boots

Oh God winter is a tough season!!! And it is so hard to look stylish and not to freeze. My winter style can be identified as “cabbage” style as sometimes I end up wearing too many layers of everything. For me the most important part about winter fashion is staying warm. No one wants to end up with pneumonia, right? And choosing right winter shoes which will look warm and presentable is hard but not impossible. And here is my five perfect pairs of winter shoes. Sorel is forever number 1 for being perfect bada** winter boots!!!!

What do you wear in winter and what shoes do you prefer?



1. Sorel Conquest Carly Winter Boots

2. Ash Yes Reverse Alaska Boots

3. Rebecca Minkoff Casey Crepe Wedge Booties

4. TORY BURCH Boughton shearling-lined suede boots

5. Ugg Becket Boots