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Loving right now! Rachel Weisz in Victoria Beckham

   I told you Victoria’s clothes look great on everyone! Rachel is not an exception! She wowed in this dress from Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2013 collection at  Oz The Great And Powerful premiere. Rachel kept it simple and she looked just stunning!!!

Photos from gotceleb.com

Loving right now! Victoria Beckham Handbags Autumn/Winter 2011

May be Victoria is not the best singer in the world, but she is definitely a great designer! She has a perfect sense of style and Victoria keeps proving it through the last years. This F/W collection is bright and extremely very elegant. I fell in love with the handbags, especially large grey tote, simple but very sophisticated! Here are more bags…

Source: http://www.sunrainey.com

Just thoughts out loud…Style icons.

   These 2 words are going with us through all our life. Almost every fashion magazine is telling us about fashion icons of past, present and future. But it is a very tricky question for me…style icons among celebrities???…they sure do exist, but with the help of stylists, male-up artists, agents… It is very hard to call someone a style icon if she or he uses the help of personal stylist. We all have bad days, when we don’t want to put on the make-up , nice clothes…or we just don’t care what other people are going to think about us. Happens really often with me:) But to me, style icons should look like thousands eyes are watching them all the time.  Style icon can’t afford to have a bad hair or make-up day.

   So, style icons of past and present, of last century and nowadays…Your thoughts?
Actually when we talk about style icons, it’s easier to me to think about last century.  The first name that pops out in my mind is …Audrey Hepburn. Even till now, she is the perfect example of perfect style. And it is not only about clothes, it is about being a woman!!!

   About nowadays…hard to say. Media tells us about Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham as about the new style icons. Who is a style icon for you?