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12 inspirational winter outfits!

This is a story about a simple girl who got tired of pictures of fashionistas during cold and freezing winter having bare body parts out and wearing light jackets and pumps…. She understood that it is difficult but possible to look stylish even in the coldest weather. Then she decided to look for inspiration on-line…and she found it! So, my dears, let’s stay warm and glamorous! Get inspired by 12 outfits that will inspire you to have a stylish and warm winter! Play with faux fur, oversized hats and coats, chunky knits, layering and bright colours!  XOXO from Shanghai

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15 inspirational winter looks

I can say for sure that winter is my least favourite season. I do love Christmas and New Year but cold weathers make me so lazy. I literally don’t want to leave my warm and cosy apartment. And…being stylish in winter… is it even possible? I definitely say YES! I’m sure we don’t have to choose between staying warm or being stylish. These 15 inspirational winter looks will help us to be both!


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